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This code shows how to create a multikey dictionaryin c#



vector.cpp - If you don't have a vector type c++



This Code Shows How To Perform Bubble Sort. Here bubble sort changes the postion of numbers or changing an unordered sequence into an ordered sequence.



Tagged Images with JQuery



This example creates a region and selects this region as the clipping rectangle for the Image component's canvas. It then sets the canvas's brush color to red and calls FillRect using the ClipRect as the area to fill. Lastly, the ClipRect is reset to the original value that it contained by calling SelectClipRect with nil as the second parameter and deletes the region. Place a TImage object in the form.



Copying one or more than one file into one file c++



This example shows how to use the TCanvas drawing functions and their results. The TCanvas drawing functions are: DrawArc, DrawBitmap, DrawEllipse, DrawLine, DrawPath, DrawPolygon, DrawRect, DrawRectSides, CreateThumbnail. To build and test this example, create a Multi-Device Application - Delphi and add the following controls on the form: A TImage A TGroupBox with nine TRadioButton objects (a radio button for each function). Change the TRadioButton.Text property for each radio button with the name of a function. A TButton A TOpenDialog The example draws on the canvas of the bitmap. The bitmap is displayed on the TImage.



Multiple file uploader in PHP



Building dynamic menus with PHP & MySQL (ADO), JavaScript and CSS



Stored Procedure Calling in java



Converting PDF to Text in C# There are several main methods for extracting text from PDF files in .NET: Microsoft IFilter interface and Adobe IFilter implementation. iTextSharp PDFBox



This example requires a TPageControl already be on the form. Also, you must add pages to the TPageControl by right- clicking and selecting New Page. The example code allows you to select the ActivePage property through the selection of a ComboBox item. While the form is created, the Combo Box control is loaded with the names of each of the tabs, as well as the instance pointers to the corresponding tab. When you select the Combo Box item, the associated TTabSheet object contained in the Combo Box Objects array is used to set the ActivePage property. Select the Lines property of the TRichEdit to enter a string. Select the string before justifying.



An Authenticator with Cookies and Redirect in php



This example requires two ClientDataSets, two DBGrids, two DataSources, and two DBNavigators. Name the two ClientDataSets CDS and CDS2. Set the DataSet property in the first DataSource to CDS and name that DataSource DS. Set the DataSet property in the second DataSource to CDS2 and name that DataSource DS2. Set the DataSource in the first DBNavigator to DS and the DataSource in the second DBNavigator to DS2. Set the DataSource in the first DBGrid to DS and the DataSource in the second DBGrid to DS2. Right-click CDS and select the Fields Editor, then right-click the Field Editor form and create two fields by selecting "new field". In the field configuration window, set the name to HOST; the Component value will automatically be set to CDSHOST. Set the filed type to String. In the field configuration window for the second field, set the name to PORTA; the Component value will automatically be set to CDSPORTA. Set the field type to Integer. The file used to load CDS must have an attribute name of HOST with an attribute type of string and an attribute name of PORTA with an attribute type of integer. Add DB, DBCtrls, Grids, DBGrids, DBClient, and SwSystem to the uses clause. LoadFormFile to start with the file or CreateDataSet to start from scratch. You must CloseDataSet after a LoadFromFile before you can do another CreateDataSet.



Here are the minimal steps in using c# background worker



This interactive gestures example is designed for a touch screen interface. The example works on both Windows 8 and Windows 7. The Add Picture option makes an Open dialog appear, where you can select pictures (.jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .png – more extensions can be added in the procedure TForm36.MenuItem1Click). The pictures are added as 200x200 images on the form (one on top of the other if more than one picture is selected). You can manipulate the picture(s) by using interactive gestures: Pan – moves picture around Zoom – makes picture smaller/bigger Rotate – rotates the picture Press and Tap – deletes the picture TGestureEventInfo is used by the interactive gesture procedures.



This example adds an entry to a memo with a message when an AfterEdit event occurs and when a BeforeEdit event occurs. Click Run SQL to populate the DBGrid. Then select a cell to edit and click the Edit current cell button, or just start editing the cell to invoke the BeforeEdit and AfterEdit events.



This Code Shows How to Find the Sum of two Binary Numbers



A very simple and efficient split bar the B-Z bar , for mysql and php



Image Upload And Resize Script in PHP