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Loading JSON with Ajax

 // NOTE: If you run this file locally
// You will not get a server status
// You can comment out lines 9 and 26 to make it work locally

var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();                 // Create XMLHttpRequest object

xhr.onload = function() {                       // When readystate changes
  // The following conditional check will not work locally - only on a server
  //if(xhr.status === 200) {                      // If server status was ok
    responseObject = JSON.parse(xhr.responseText);

    // BUILD UP STRING WITH NEW CONTENT (could also use DOM manipulation)
    var newContent = '';
    for (var i = 0; i < responseObject.events.length; i  ) { // Loop through object
      newContent  = '<div class="event">';
      newContent  = '<img src="'   responseObject.events[i].map   '" ';
      newContent  = 'alt="'   responseObject.events[i].location   '" />';
      newContent  = '<p><b>'   responseObject.events[i].location   '</b><br>';
      newContent  = responseObject.events[i].date   '</p>';
      newContent  = '</div>';

    // Update the page with the new content
    document.getElementById('content').innerHTML = newContent;


xhr.open('GET', 'data/data.json', true);        // Prepare the request
xhr.send(null);                                 // Send the request

// When working locally in Firefox, you may see an error saying that the JSON is not well-formed.
// This is because Firefox is not reading the correct MIME type (and it can safely be ignored).

// If you get it on a server, you may need to se the MIME type for JSON on the server (application/JSON). 

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