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This example shows how to use the TBitmapData.GetPixel and TBitmapData.SetPixel methods. This sample draws and fills the rectangle on an image, pixel by pixel. To build and test this example, create a Multi-Device Application - Delphi, then add the folowing objects to the form: A TImage to display the TBitmap. A TLabel to display the value of the TTrackBar. A TTrackBar to control the amount of Red in relation to which the transparency of certain pixels changes. Add the following code to the OnChange event handlers of the track bar.

 procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  MyBitmap := TBitmap.Create(0, 0);

procedure TForm1.TrackBar1Change(Sender: TObject); var MyBitmapCopy: TBitmap; X, Y: Integer; CurrentData,ModifiedData : TBitmapData; Color: TAlphaColor; begin MyBitmapCopy := TBitmap.Create(0, 0); MyBitmapCopy.Assign(MyBitmap); Label1.Text := TrackBar1.Value.ToString(); try // Changes the color of certain pixels. // This changes the transparency of the pixels that have the amount of Red. // lower then the curent value of the trackbar if (MyBitmap.Map(TMapAccess.Read, CurrentData) and (MyBitmapCopy.Map(TMapAccess.Write,ModifiedData))) then begin try for X := 0 to MyBitmap.Width - 1 do for Y := 0 to MyBitmap.Height - 1 do begin Color := CurrentData.GetPixel(X, Y); if (TAlphaColorRec(Color).R < Label1.Text.ToInteger) then begin //255 is the maximum value for a color channel TAlphaColorRec(Color).A := 255-Label1.Text.ToInteger; ModifiedData.SetPixel(X, Y, Color); end; end; finally MyBitmap.Unmap(CurrentData); MyBitmapCopy.Unmap(ModifiedData); end; end; Image1.Bitmap := MyBitmapCopy; finally MyBitmapCopy.Free; end; end;

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