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Controlling Ajax Request

 // NOTE: This example will not work locally: 
// In Chrome / IE / Safari you may experience problems because of cross-domain restrictions.
// In Firefox, content may load but styles may not be applied.
// You can try it out on the website for the book
// or run it on your own server.

$('nav a').on('click', function(e) {
  var url = this.href;                                      // URL to load
  var $content = $('#content');                             // Cache selection

  $('nav a.current').removeClass('current');                // Update links
  $('#container').remove();                                 // Remove content

    type: "GET",                                            // GET or POST
    url: url,                                               // Path to file
    timeout: 2000,                                          // Waiting time
    beforeSend: function() {                                // Before Ajax 
      $content.append('<div id="load">Loading</div>');      // Load message
    complete: function() {                                  // Once finished
      $('#load').remove();                                  // Clear message
    success: function(data) {                               // Show content
      $content.html( $(data).find('#container') ).hide().fadeIn(400);
    error: function() {                                     // Show error msg 
      $content.html('<div id="container">Please try again soon.</div>');


 Here is some further information on what happens when the call is successful:

 success: function(data) {...  The data parameter holds the Ajax response with the new content
 $content was stored on line 10 it is the element whose id attribut has a value of content
 $content.html() updates the HTML inside this element
 $(data) creates a jQuery object containing the response.
 .find('#container') gets the container element from that response hides it and fades it in

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